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Power Factor Correction CASE STUDIES

Power factor correction for POWER CONDITIONING


RPM Commercial Energy Solutions and it’s Partners are able to actively reduce electric bill power factor penalties, reducing significantly additional charges being paid to the utility company.

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PROJECT: Power Conditioning

Summary of Present Conditions: (Actual) and (Projections)

– Calculations based on Renfrew Hydro billing (past 3 months) extrapolated to 12 months.

– Estimated electrical spend = $94,336.00 yearly spend.

– Average yearly power factor .74PF ( VERY POOR) 2018 Should be mid 90’s or better

– 26% total averaged wasted energy (Kva verses kw).

– Power Factor penalties are being charged for 12 months, (90% of Kva) see bills.

– As per cumulative recent readings (2017) the Billed Kva reduction difference between 90% of Kva (penalty) verses actual used Kw shows an average savings between 19% and 23% usage savings. Correcting the power factor to greater than .95 PF will eliminate the penalties and save the corresponding dollars values listed below.

– Averaged dollar saving percentage projections shown below in variable percentages as to flow with a fluctuating +/- power factor over the 12 months.

– Installing this unit will free up approximately 24% more load capacity on your main distribution panel/switch

– Project complete and installed cost $23,530.00

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Cost Saving Analysis:

Includes PF correction estimated savings on Kva (penalty being
billed at 90% of Kva) verses Kw billing. Currently the Kva is being used to calculate the total kwh on your bill including Global Adjustment, LDC charges and Delivery charges.

Our Contractors services including Enviromagnetics services and Energy Crushers are manufactured and built with top quality materials and pride in workmanship.

Our Contractors services (Power Application Correction System) & (MPTS) service is guaranteed to provide a measurable savings on your electric and natural gas utility bill. In addition, we also guarantee your complete satisfaction with our service installation and post-installation support.Your electric utility meter will begin reading a savings immediately after the Our Contractors services, Our Contractors services MPTS or Energy Crusher installation.

An electrician with an appropriate power quality meter can easily measure the effect of Our Contractors services when the units are active. Enviromagnets will require a stabilization period of 4-6 weeks and provide a 12% savings guarantee. This is offered if all gas appliances are equipped with our Natural Gas Super Saver s. The stabilization period allows the system to energize the steel pipe or flex feed lines for natural gas. In the same regard, a stabilization period will be required for thermoplastic or steel piping on water conditioning applications. Both stabilization periods will take no longer than six weeks. The client will see savings the first month of use but will receive the optimum savings after the stabilization period is complete.

Enviromagnets offer a 120 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.Each client receives a proposal / business case with a projected ROI (return on investment). This ROI is calculated using established scientific/engineering methodologies. An exact ROI (“Savings Evaluation”) for Our Contractors services will be calculated on the day of installation and is guaranteed to be the same or better than the projected savings guarantee and stated ROI. Should the meter reading not show a significant drop equal to or exceeding the projected savings guarantee of the stated percentage % then no obligation or associated costs whatsoever are the responsibility of the client.

Special conditions apply if Energy Savings Incentives are being applied. Confirmation will then be done within the Technical Assessment and confirmed the day of installation.Our Contractors services Energy Solutions will provide a licensed, insured and fully trained electrical contractor that will perform the installation to meet all local building codes. During installation, a power quality meter will be used to first establish baseline “inactive” measurements prior to Our Contractors services equipment being connected.

Once the Our Contractors services is connected and made “live”, a secondary “active” reading will be taken. These “inactive” and “active” readings will show the savings (decrease in kW, kVA, and kVAr and line current – increase in power factor) in real time.Enviromagnetics will, if required be installed by a Our Contractors services approved licensed and insured contractor. After the installation is complete, the Savings Evaluation readings will be attached to the completed and final ROI guarantee. The Savings Evaluation is a report created using and showing the comparison between the “inactive” and “active” readings.

This report will be delivered to the client within (7) seven business days after the “Date of Guarantee” seen on the “Our Contractors services Energy Solutions ROI Guarantee Page”. The Our Contractors services Energy Solutions savings guarantee and ROI period do not apply to clients who are engaged in a fixed rate electrical power billing plans or contracts with their electrical utility provider.

Our Contractors services Energy Solutions warrants its services to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon delivery and installation.

The Our Contractors services services are designed to endure at least 20 years of continuous commercial and industrial use when install by an authorized representative.Manufacturers Warranty: Our Contractors services 5 Years Parts and Labor , See individual manufacturers specific service and service warranty.

Our Contractors services Energy Solutions obligations and owner’s rights under this warranty shall be voided if:- Any parts have been subjected to misuse or improper services, or have been altered or repaired by unapproved representatives or unapproved electricians.- Defects are the result of misuse, abuse, neglect, or damage caused by accident or failure to provide reasonable building maintenance.- The service or any of its individual components have been altered or modified by the purchaser or if the service is used in a manner not recommended by Green Revolution.- Damage results from riots, civil disturbances, or any other unforeseen external input unrelated to the manufactured quality of the service.- Our Contractors services Energy Solutions obligations under this warranty shall only become effective upon receipt of full payment for service.

In relation to an unlikely result of defected services and components, Our Contractors services Energy Solutions or approved Representatives will: a) schedule a repair by certified electrician, b) replace defective unit, or c) provide credit towards subsequent purchases. In order to be eligible for service under this warranty owner must return the warranty registration card or fill out warranty registration online. Owner must keep a copy of warranty registration or bill of sale..

Any claim rising under this warranty must be submitted by the original purchaser within the warranty period, and include proof-of-purchase invoice. This warranty is issued to the above named owner and is transferable with the written consent of an authorized representative of Our Contractors services Energy Solutions. With this warranty owner has specific legal rights, and may have other rights, which vary from state to state and province to province.


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